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I'm an Illustration graduate with a keen interest in all things political. This blog is dedicated to some of the work that I have created over the years. I like to work with a variety of techniques such as printing, photography and painting. I hope you enjoy my work!

Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow has arrived!!

The snow is finally here and I' am hoping to get some good photographs of it if I can. 
This shot was take from the office window where I work, it shows the local houses and the river Thames in the background. Here's to hoping I can get some good shots in the next few days! 

Monday, 13 August 2012

Carafe and Glasses Design

On this post are the final designs that I have produced for my vase ideas. The carafe design was a challenge as the glass is heat resistant and proved difficult to drill through in order to get the led lights in; the transfer was tricky as it is an intricate design. Aside from the challenge of the design I think it is the most successful one I have produced so far. There are certain elements of this idea that I wish to apply to new vases in the future, such as having leaves scattered around the design.
I liked the shape of the two glasses and thought that they would work as tea lights and with a butterfly on each. Compared to other designs they were fairly quick to produce but they still look effective. In the future I would like to try and use transfers, which are waterproof, so that the glasses can be washed properly without fear of the design pealing off.
Overall I am pleased with both ideas and I now feel confident in producing more designs to sell. 

Carafe Design

Glass Design

Sunday, 22 July 2012

New Vase Design

   Featured on this post are the new vase designs that I recently completed. I’ am very happy with the results as I pushed the ideas further on the last two designs (the blue vase design and one which I have yet to upload). With the blue vase design it was the first time I had drilled into a vase in order to put led lights inside it. This design is working well and I intend to use more coloured glass in the future to see what I can produce. The remaining designs look effective and show that the design process has been perfected since the last vase. Soon I will upload another design I have completed, using a wine carafe and led lights. It is my intention now to sell these designs and produce some more, if you are interested please let me know or just want to comment please feel free. Hope you are enjoying the sun 
today…..its been a while! 

2 Small Vases

Tall Vase Design


Blue Vase Design


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Tattoo Design

Here is a tattoo commission I recently finished; the brief was to produce a scorpion holding the diabetes UK tattoo, and to give it an edgy look. I only had to produce the outline and I look forward to seeing the results when the tattoo artist has finished with it! Overall I’m pleased with the aesthetics of it and it was good to get back to drawing free hand after using Photoshop for a lot of my previous projects.  Let me know what you think and it would be good to produce a few more designs soon. 

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Bottle Design (Final stage)

It’s nearly a month to the day that I put up the first photographs of the bottle design I have been undertaking. I ‘am pleased to announce that it is finally completed, and I’m pleased with the results! Since the initial photographs I’ve added the rest of the umbrella design around the bottle, placed a two birds on the top of it, and managed to acquire some led lights to place inside. When the lights are on its looks effective and stands out in a room, it looks slightly messy in the day light when the led lights are not on but generally it’s not too bad. When I first got the bottle it was weathered and had been in my nans garden for many years so its great to see how it has scrubbed up! I definitely will be doing some more designs like this in the future and seeing what new results I can create…. watch this space! 

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Bottle Design (First stage)

Its been a while since I have produced any work for myself and indulged what I love doing…. making art! I found a bottle in my nans garden, which had been there for many years and surprisingly is in very good condition, although unfortunately I managed to crack it in the cleaning process! As you'll agree its a lovely bottle and I really want to enhance it if I can. Initially I was going to paint on it and use relief paste to enhance it and then I discovered decal paper! With the decal paper I intend to transfer some designs onto the bottle and then hopefully turn it into a fancy light. Since starting my PGCE and working with the student I’ve been really inspired to make my own work and be creative, this is a new type of art work for me and I’m hoping it could lead onto something interesting! I’ll update with photos as I go along and let you see its progression…this may be quite slow as I have a lot to at present!
Hope you all had a good Easter!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Designs for Art Style

As always my apologies for not posting for a while! Here are a few branding designs I produced a while back for Art Style gallery. The brief was simple, to produce a hand made design that could be used for the sign, the logo, business cards and various pieces of marketing. (Please note the blocked out areas on these designs are to protect the phone number and email of the person who owns the gallery and are not part of the design!) Also featured on this page are a few sample invites that were handed out to the exhibition that I had with a few of my arty friends. The theme of the exhibition was Alternative Images. I will post a few images from this exhibition in my next post!!!