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I'm an Illustration graduate with a keen interest in all things political. This blog is dedicated to some of the work that I have created over the years. I like to work with a variety of techniques such as printing, photography and painting. I hope you enjoy my work!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Bottle Design (Final stage)

It’s nearly a month to the day that I put up the first photographs of the bottle design I have been undertaking. I ‘am pleased to announce that it is finally completed, and I’m pleased with the results! Since the initial photographs I’ve added the rest of the umbrella design around the bottle, placed a two birds on the top of it, and managed to acquire some led lights to place inside. When the lights are on its looks effective and stands out in a room, it looks slightly messy in the day light when the led lights are not on but generally it’s not too bad. When I first got the bottle it was weathered and had been in my nans garden for many years so its great to see how it has scrubbed up! I definitely will be doing some more designs like this in the future and seeing what new results I can create…. watch this space!