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I'm an Illustration graduate with a keen interest in all things political. This blog is dedicated to some of the work that I have created over the years. I like to work with a variety of techniques such as printing, photography and painting. I hope you enjoy my work!

Monday, 10 October 2011

Artstyle Mural

 Whilst I was working for Artstyle, a gallery/ shop I painted two murals in the shop to promote my services and to brighten up the place. On one wall I created a new version of the rocket I had designed before and on another I followed on with the space theme as there was a wall painted black, thus I decided to paint a spaceman and planets all over it. 
My plan is to paint more of these murals in the future and hopefully turn it into a small business, if anyone wants a mural please let me know! 

Alien Mural!

The images on this page show a commission I was asked to do for a child's room. The brief was simple to paint each wall with something different. I ended up painting an alien, the earth, a spaceman and a rocket. It was fun to have such a open brief and use the whole space of the room to create an atmosphere. 
The main thing was that the child liked the room and that fulfilled my brief! 

This image shows and overview of the room, note the spaceman in the left hand corner. The rocket was   next to this. 

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Mural for Hawes Down School

These are a selection of images from a mural I produced for Hawes Down Infant School. The brief was simple, to produce a piece of art work with a jungle theme with as many colours as possible. The whole  wall probably took me about a week to create and I was happy with the results, more importantly the kids were happy! 
I very much hope to produce more of these in the future as they are great fun to do and its nice to leave a mark some where. 

Friday, 29 July 2011

Time to update my Blog!

Its been far to long since I've updated my blog but I have been busy busy over the last few months. 
I have had my work in two exhibitions, pictures of which will be uploaded soon. One exhibition was in the Bankside gallery in London. 
I've also done some more branding work for a new Art Company which I have been working for, details which will follow shortly!
I have also made two new murals, one of which was for a school in South London. I'm hoping to do a new mural for a hospital as well. Watch this space for more updates soon, my apologies again for being so slack!! 

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Keitom Supply Company branding/ Identity.

This is a project that i did last year. The brief was simple, to produce an identity for a new local hardware shop, this included creating the logo, letterhead, compliment slip, business card and an advert. As projects go it was quite an interesting one as I had free reign to produce what I felt was needed. I choose the Burgundy colour scheme and based the logo around the use of negative space. I wanted to create something that was very simple and gave the company a professional look to suggest it was a well established business.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Our House Design

This is my first piece of design work for 2011! It is a post for Our House the musical, a poduction which is going to take place at Durham University. The story has a good vs evil theme running throughout, hence why I have divided the house into two.I like the graphical feel to it and the bold colours. I think I should experiment more with strong colours and see what I can produce.