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I'm an Illustration graduate with a keen interest in all things political. This blog is dedicated to some of the work that I have created over the years. I like to work with a variety of techniques such as printing, photography and painting. I hope you enjoy my work!


On this page is a sample of my photographic work, some of the work is from my old projects and other photos have been taken for fun.

Below are a few photographs that were taken after I had to walk home from the train station. Some of the images are quite blurred due to the fact that I had no tripod for the camera, but I still think that some interesting effects have been created.

These images were taken from a project about Energy. The flowers were used to show how they loose energy as they begin to wilt.

These images are from my series of photographs about mans obsession with television and technology. They are my first attempts at photographic experimentation.

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