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Monday, 13 August 2012

Carafe and Glasses Design

On this post are the final designs that I have produced for my vase ideas. The carafe design was a challenge as the glass is heat resistant and proved difficult to drill through in order to get the led lights in; the transfer was tricky as it is an intricate design. Aside from the challenge of the design I think it is the most successful one I have produced so far. There are certain elements of this idea that I wish to apply to new vases in the future, such as having leaves scattered around the design.
I liked the shape of the two glasses and thought that they would work as tea lights and with a butterfly on each. Compared to other designs they were fairly quick to produce but they still look effective. In the future I would like to try and use transfers, which are waterproof, so that the glasses can be washed properly without fear of the design pealing off.
Overall I am pleased with both ideas and I now feel confident in producing more designs to sell. 

Carafe Design

Glass Design

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