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Sunday, 22 July 2012

New Vase Design

   Featured on this post are the new vase designs that I recently completed. I’ am very happy with the results as I pushed the ideas further on the last two designs (the blue vase design and one which I have yet to upload). With the blue vase design it was the first time I had drilled into a vase in order to put led lights inside it. This design is working well and I intend to use more coloured glass in the future to see what I can produce. The remaining designs look effective and show that the design process has been perfected since the last vase. Soon I will upload another design I have completed, using a wine carafe and led lights. It is my intention now to sell these designs and produce some more, if you are interested please let me know or just want to comment please feel free. Hope you are enjoying the sun 
today…..its been a while! 

2 Small Vases

Tall Vase Design


Blue Vase Design


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